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Without meaning to boast, PEACHES has become well known for its "hands-on" approach and enjoyment & primarily arrange regular events in the Heathrow area of London, close to the motorway network and public transport hubs, we are always keen to see new venues within west or city areas of London however and so this area MAY increase in the future


Parties, are generally restricted to a MAXIMUM of 10 members, {So we remain a friendly, select group} and are all run on a 2-2-1 ratio, so we can personally ensure that our disobedient girls get their "just desserts" or where our submissive guys, and those that like to " switch get dealt with by our Dom females. ( Each event "type" "Fem- Sub, "Fem-Dom", Or "switch" are held individually), please see below for further details.

All food, refreshment and "Hands On" entertainment is provided, so all you have to do is bring yourself and be prepared to participate in the fun and proceedings. ( Our membership structure does not allow spectators,besides what's the point of watching everybody else have fun, we're not a fetish club)!

Each party has a theme such as Nurses, Maids, "Schoolgirls", Traffic Wardens, ( You have to join a queue for that one, but dont stop at the red lines)!

1 Important point, as we don't want anybody attending under a misconception. Peaches Club NEVER indulge in play with under 21's & find discipline of children abhorrent. The theme of "Schoolgirls" is purely FANTASY ONLY, furthermore all participants are consenting adult, who are all very into the discipline "scene" and do not indulge in "sexual play".Sorry guys.


Sub-Fem events. These are where our Submissive ladies are waiting for YOU to discipline them for thier various misbehaviour that we discover, OR INVENT & are solely for guys that wish to spank and discipline our naughty females. As an added twist to this, there are a number of members that whilst predominantly Dominant "they" sometimes would like the opportunity to have a taste of their own methods and so members that opt for this may request a SHORT PRIVATE "sub"session during the event.

Revenge parties this is basically a "Half & Half" event. 1st we discipline the girls then it's time for a change and the girls get thier revenge- and are basically what the title says, as the tables are soon turned and they deal with us. All discipline is consensual and all limits are respected and may even be pushed a little!

"Sisters Of Mercy" Solely for our Submissive gentlemen.
A Fun event where our DOMINANT "Nuns" are waiting for you to confess and repent, (after your punishment & absolution of course). This is all very "tongue in cheek" & all limits are respected - or even pushed, just a little!

"Girls on top events" Similar to the above Again for our for our Submissive gentlemen. These parties are lots of FUN and different themes are arranged and run by our Scheming DOMINANT ladies and led by Emily

BOOKING YOUR PLACE AT AN EVENT. All of our events are held with restricted numbers, to maintain the friendliness and intimacy that members enjoy.However, on occasions we have new members book in and then do not show up, thus depriving another member a place at the event- because of this minority we now sadly require a deposit of 50% of the event price to reserve your place. (This really applies to new "unknown" members only and can this can be waived at the discretion of the club organisers, if we are assured of your place). Whilst we do need to charge for parties, rest assured we are one of the LEAST expensive clubs in this scene. Costs of parties are detailed on our newsletter page.

You then need to call to to reconfirm your attendance 48 hours prior to the event and obtain venue address, ( If your not already familiar with our venues). This is simply due to security it that only members receive the address. We DO NOT send this out via e-mail, for discretionary purposes.

Why not check your diaries and book your place now?




Security & Confidentiality. Peaches Club has ALWAYS taken this subject seriously. Security & confidentiality of all involved with the club is always uppermost in our minds. As such you have our assurance that you will NEVER have your photograph taken, nor be filmed at any event . We will never knowingly invite our members into a venue that does not satisfy these conditions